Sans gluten Quinoa Flour (Stone Ground) Description 

Wellspring of our Quinoa Flour 

Gluten Free Flour Online:- Partake in this Gluten Free and 100% Whole Grain Quinoa Flour. Our Quinoa is filled naturally in the towns of Lucknow, U.P acquired working straightforwardly with ranchers while advancing feasible horticultural practices. 

With regards to our Quinoa Flour 

Quinoa Flour is the most nutritious grain flour accessible. It is normally without gluten with high fiber and protein content when contrasted with any Whole Grain 

It is a decent wellspring of iron, potassium, manganese and phosphorus. 

A total protein, which implies it gives every one of the nine fundamental amino acids essential for great wellbeing. 

It is normally sans gluten and an incredible wellspring of dietary fiber. 

Why purchase our own 

It is triple-washed prior to pounding and doesn't have a trace of harshness (We have learned and dominated the right procedure from South American Natives) 

Our own is Stone-ground meaning it holds more sustenance than some other processing procedures 

Normally gluten free, this superfood is an extraordinary expansion to any eating routine, and an ideal answer for those after a gluten free, veggie lover or vegan diet that are hoping to expand their protein and fiber. 


Natural entire grain Quinoa 

Step by step instructions to utilize Quinoa Flour 

This flour is an incredible decision for those searching for a sound wind on customary heats or sautéed rarities like breads and flapjacks. You can substitute this flour for half of the Wheat flour in numerous plans. 

Quinoa flour has a nutty-natural character and combines well with organic products, nuts, flavors like cinnamon, cardamom, cumin and coriander, just as spices like rosemary. 

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We have likewise attempted a few Indian plans like Chilla, Thepla, Chapati, Naan, and so on and they have all turned out awesome. 

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Best whenever refrigerated subsequent to opening

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